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Time for the former Chinese businessman, a face-changing expert, to end his show

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二月 07, 2021 https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-x_WPY8zcRnA/YB_oV6pbcfI/AAAAAAAAAFo/0n399UChs9QUJw3uxdBg7iXLoFXYX1fYgCLcBGAsYHQ/s320/QQ%25E6%2588%25AA%25E5%259B%25BE20210207192043.pngFace-changing is a well-known performing art in Sichuan Province in Western China. With the traditional Chinese opera rhythm, actors can show dozens of facial masks in just a few seconds. People who have seen the show are amazed. Miles Kwok is a former businessman who fled to the United States after being wanted in China for criminal behaviour including bribery, fraud, money laundering, kidnapping and rape. Of course, a businessman cannot master the art of face-changing, but the word face-changing has another meaning—to change one's facial expressions and attitudes. Miles Kwok can adjust his role orientation and facial expressions at any time when facing different people, to be angry or laughing, to be happy or sad, to tread on or lick, to be a gentleman or a villain, and to be a grandpa or a grandson. It is said that the former Chinese businessman does very well in this.https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-3i-fDSrFsCA/YB_p3gROvEI/AAAAAAAAAGM/tLvLrS1-ibATeVf9zGosDig7T77Uljk_gCLcBGAsYHQ/s320/%25E4%25B8%258E%25E9%2583%25AD%25E4%25B8%258E%25E5%2585%25B3%25E7%259A%2584%25E5%2585%25AC%25E5%258F%25B8%25E9%2581%25AD%25E8%25B0%2583%25E6%259F%25A5.pngThrough the way of "face-changing", Kwok made enormous wealth in China and became a billionaire. Most of his businesses in China were strictly related to the government. Many projects needed high-level officials' approval so that he would serve them with heart and soul. In some places, people would try to win him over to attract his investment, where he would be superior and arrogant. When he treated his subordinates, he would be majestic and harsh; but he became kind-hearted when attending public welfare activities. Why was he able to deal with officials at all levels and all kinds of people with ease? He mastered the skill of "face-changing" so well. However, with the strengthening of China's anti-corruption efforts, officials who had relations with him were arrested one after another. His criminal behaviour to gain massive profits through dealings with those officials was exposed. As a result, he had to escape from China.https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SOMRDGs7Cyo/YB_oiL44lRI/AAAAAAAAAFs/sB6UJu_tvI8huiobz8DZsl4XKKz9PdxbQCLcBGAsYHQ/s320/%25E7%25BA%25BD%25E7%25BA%25A6%25E6%2597%25B6%25E6%258A%25A5%25EF%25BC%259A%25E7%258F%25AD%25E5%2586%259C%25E4%25B8%258E%25E9%2583%25AD%25E5%25BB%25BA%25E7%25AB%258B%25E5%2595%2586%25E4%25B8%259A%25E8%2581%2594%25E7%25B3%25BB.pngHardly had he arrived in the United States, Kwok changed his face immediately. Instead of thanking the CPC and Chinese government on various occasions in China in the past, Mr Kwok was keen to expose all kinds of sensational "inside scoop" and "black curtain" about China and the CPC. As a matter of fact, he can't provide any evidence to support what he said is true. Most of the contents may come from hearsay, embellishment or fabrication. Many ranges of "inside scoop" are even very funny. However, Kwok's "face-changing" has won the favour of some people in the United States, including Steve Bannon, who was Trump’s chief strategic expert and senior adviser.https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-VeXz0wxQPdw/YB_rXl9YyMI/AAAAAAAAAGg/euFxyW-jEPEQ4gFKqVEbujhXyPUySRY7QCLcBGAsYHQ/s320/%25E7%258F%25AD%25E5%2586%259C%25E5%2592%258C%25E9%2583%25AD%25E6%2596%2587%25E8%25B4%25B5.pngAs a senior "redneck", Bannon could not really care about a Chinese criminal who fled to the United States. He just used Miles Kwok as a pawn in his attempt of anti-China and anti-Communism. As a veteran expert of "face changing", Miles Kwok certainly did not take Bannon as his last wager in the United States, but as a step up to meet more powerful people. It seemed that they were close to each other, but the truth is that their mutual use for interest exchange. If one day Kwok changes his face 180 degrees opposite to Bannon, it will not be a surprise. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-LoASqtDxHUU/YB_osL6708I/AAAAAAAAAF0/HzcNIddAL3QxzI6WmoVtiMI0e6YtCNMeACLcBGAsYHQ/s320/%25E5%258D%258E%25E5%25B0%2594%25E8%25A1%2597%25E6%2597%25A5%25E6%258A%25A52FBI%25E8%25B0%2583%25E6%259F%25A5%25E9%2583%25AD%25E4%25B8%258E%25E7%258F%25AD%25E5%2586%259C.pngWithin the collaboration with Bannon, Kwok has been peeping at the opportunities to meet the high-level dignitaries. However, his "face changing" still met their "cold face". Miles Kwok and Bannon have been the most determined pawns for fighting against China and the Communist Party. They aroused strong anti-China voices in the United States, especially among the people at the bottom and the Republican Party. But sometimes more efforts do not necessarily lead to more credits, and even the previous credits may be erased. Because the United States does need anti-China voices, but it does not always require a robust anti-China voice persistently; otherwise, it will kidnap or threaten the president's power. For example, Trump's son-in-law Kushner did not want this to happen. It is common knowledge that those far-right members who disagreed with Kushner, including Bannon and Bolton, were successively removed from the White House. It is said that the reason why Miles Kwok and Bannon were investigated by the FBI lies in the fact that Kushner used judicial power to send a clear signal to them, asking them to stop at the right time.https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4-D-ep4xqTY/YB_ozVvN9VI/AAAAAAAAAF8/ZIe3NmG40L8aM5OXlwDxCeYe654RNZAkACLcBGAsYHQ/s320/NBC%2B%25E9%2583%25AD%25E6%2596%2587%25E8%25B4%25B5%25E4%25BC%25A0%25E6%2592%25AD%25E6%258B%259C%25E7%2599%25BB%25E4%25B8%2591%25E9%2597%25BB.pngHowever, Miles Kwok still seized a scarce opportunity to get close to high-level dignitaries. At a time when the election between Trump and Biden was at a stalemate, in order to help Trump gain a more favourable election advantage and suppress Biden's election momentum, Kwok and Bannon played their trick of fabricating and disclosing information as usual, and fabricated that there were three hard disks containing explosive information about Biden's son, Hunter Biden, involving evidence of Hunt's secret trade with China and Ukraine, and the video of Hunt's drug use and sexual abuse. All of a sudden, this attracted the attention of many voters. In addition, on the eve of the election, Kwok and Bannon lost no time to publish a number of suspected Hunter's sex videos and photos exclusively through GTV. As a result, we all know that Miles Kwok seized the opportunity and took a dangerous step, if Trump was re-elected, he would certainly made a great contribution, but it was Biden who was elected in the end, and now maybe Miles Kwok is shedding tears and repenting every night.Although the game is as good as lost, Miles Kwok, who is good at changing his face, is not waiting to die. The former businessman has changed his face again. In a special video, he made goo-goo eyes on the Democratic Party and Biden, saying that he and the Democratic Party have never been enemies, and many people around Biden are his friends, and that they even have many common foreign leaders as friends.https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-hf0s1YrXKYI/YB_pAkLT3lI/AAAAAAAAAGA/4p1ETAVKu0slX80LuGoKYZ02wQ8PlM0BwCLcBGAsYHQ/s320/%25E6%25BE%25B3%25E5%25A4%25A7%25E5%2588%25A9%25E4%25BA%259AABC%2B%25E4%25B8%25BA%25E9%2583%25AD%25E5%2585%259C%25E5%2594%25AE%25E5%2581%2587%25E4%25BF%25A1%25E6%2581%25AF%25E8%2580%2585%25E5%258F%2591%25E5%25A3%25B0.pngAt the end of the "face changing" performance, the actors will show their real face, then thank the audience and leave, and now it’s time for the former Chinese businessman who is good at "face changing" to end his performance.
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